Every year over the winter, we take a break before we get started again. There might be a few races on your calendar that you know that you want to compete in, but sometimes it’s important to step back and assess what you really want out of sports. For some people, sport can be a vehicle to a healthier lifestyle. For others, sport is a way to give back through raising money for charity or donating their time. For others, the goal is to be at a best time or place higher in your age group. There are no wrong answers when you sit down and assess why you are doing what you are doing.

Having a purpose can be just as important as going out and completing a workout. Waking up early or trying to get that one workout in before dinner or bed after a long day can be tough. Write that purpose down on a note card, carry it in your swim bag, put it on top of your running shoes, and on your refrigerator. If you see it, you will remember it and it will motivate you.

Remember that goals can change. You might start the season off looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and once you get into shape, it turns into wanting to get faster. Your decisions on your training will be affected by this change in goals too. Just remember that getting faster will require doing harder workouts.
In addition to an overarching goal, it is important to set small goals along the way. For my athletes, I like to try to set weekly goals. One week we might focus on running form, and the next week on swimming form. Once again - bring a notecard to your swim workout that says what you are trying to work on with your swim stroke; this will cue you to remember it every time you hit stop at the wall.
Gains are made slowly over time; you will not move forward without hitting your smaller goals along the way. The process of achieving those goals is the fun part! Enjoy it and continue to push yourself to achieve your goals.

Your Goal: Sit down and write out a long term goal and a short term goal.
Write it out to hold yourself accountable.
Share it with somebody else to have them hold you accountable!