It’s officially Valentines’ season – are you ready to celebrate with your special someone?

Whether you’re more of a simple candlelit dinner person or you’re making plans for a romantic getaway in an exotic location, Valentines’ can be an opportunity for indulgence. From chocolates to multi-course dinners and lounging at a spa or hotel room, these classic date ideas aren’t always as friendly to our bodies.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into your V-Day plans, these four date ideas can help you wow your significant other and feel great about it too.

#1: Take Advantage of the Snow

Nothing is more romantic than snowflakes, cozy clothes, and someone you love to keep you warm. If you’re in a place where winter snowstorms last until the springtime, take advantage of that chilly atmosphere for a day full of cold weather sports.

Go to your local ice-skating rink and show off your skills, or hit the slopes for a day of snowboarding or skiing. You can even head to your favorite park and take a walk to admire the chilly scenery, or find a hill to sled on. Afterwards, cuddle up in front of a fire with a warm cup of tea for an extra dose of winter romance.

#2: Enjoy a Hike

If you’re looking for an easy way to spend an active day with your loved one, try taking a hike in your area. Not only is hiking a wonderful workout that can help strengthen your lower body and get your heart pumping, but you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful natural scenery with the person you love.

Of course, hiking by itself isn’t all that romantic – this is the opportunity for you to go the extra mile. Pack a selection of dark chocolate and fresh fruits before your trek. During your hike, take a break for a romantic picnic in a clearing or near a riverbed for a date straight out of a fairytale.

#3: Take a Dance Class

Dancing is one of the most romantic forms of exercise out there. To surprise your sweetheart and to sharpen your moves, sign up for a dance class in your local community.

Ballroom dancing, salsa, and tango are just a few dances that can bring you two close and lead to an intense calorie burning session. If you or your honey have two left feet, don’t worry – dancing is all about having fun, and your instructor will guide you through each step.

image source: That Sweet Gift

#4: Plan a Personalized Scavenger Hunt

If you and your Valentine have been together for a while, imbue the nostalgia and romance of your early days by planning a personalized scavenger hunt. Plan out a walking tour of places that are meaningful to your relationship, and give your partner a few clues to figure out where to go next.

At each location, plan a small activity – maybe you grab a cup of fresh espresso at the coffee shop you had your first meeting at, before heading to the bookstore a few blocks away to read your sweetheart a poem that connects to your love story.

Not only will you and your partner soak up special memories during the hunt, you two will also hit your walking goals along the way – an awesome bonus to a memorable night!

These unique Valentines’ date ideas can help you enjoy a more active date night. If you do choose to have a more traditional celebration,  remember to keep your portions moderate and add some extra exercise to your indulgent activities.

Happy Valentines’ Day, lovebirds! We’ll see you on the path to the good life.